Kim Cattrall no longer a 'sexual icon'

July 15th, 2011

Kim Cattrall is glad to leave behind being a "sexual icon".

The 54-year-old actress - who is best known for sexually expressive characters in 'Sex and the City' and 'Mannequin' - admits she is happy to no longer be viewed at as a pin-up and instead thinks her latest work in 'Meet Monica Velour', where she plays an ageing ex-porn star working as a pole dancer a great opportunity to prove she has a wide range of talent.

She said: "It was so much fun to leave behind this kind of sexual icon thing. I was so ready to shed it. I've been sexualised since a very early part of my career. I understand it, I've made it work for me, but I've always felt that I'm a character actress stuck inside a leading lady's body. Now, I feel like I am doing my best work."

The nature of the script meant Kim - who has previously won a Golden Globe - was surprised actresses in their 50s were not attempting to get involved with the film, something she puts down to it being created by a first time director, Keith Bearden.

She added to Empire Online: "I read the script and I thought, 'Why is no one campaigning to play this role? This is so well written, it's touching, it's sweet, it's a love story.'

"I thought, 'Why are actresses my age not beating down the door?' and I think part of it was because it is in the hands of a first time director."

'Meet Monica Velour' is out on DVD now.