Sex and the City 3 should have 'new' angle

August 18th, 2011

A third 'Sex and the City' film should take the characters to a "new place".

Patricia Field - who has styled the six TV series and two movie instalments of the HBO comedy about four women and their love lives in New York - "wouldn't mind" working on another film in the franchise starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall but would hope it provides something new rather than repeating previous stoyrlines.

Patricia - who is the spokesperson for the re-launch of the fabric softener Lenor Infusions - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I wouldn't mind if there was a third one. I think it's more important if there is a third one that it takes it to a new place that substantiates it and not just repeats it.

"I'm not in on that level of decision making so I only get to know when they decide to do it and they call me."

The eccentric stylist worked with all of the actresses on their outfits for the show, but particularly enjoyed dressing Cynthia Nixon, who plays uptight lawyer Miranda because she let her do whatever she wanted.

She said: "I loved dressing Cynthia because it was challenging in the beginning but she is a great actor - probably the best of the actors there - she really never develops her own style.

"She was more interested in other things such as her acting which she perfected, being a mother, and being in New York City school system, and having a normal life. She's not the celebrity type. So she would say things like 'I know that you know what your doing - so dress me.' "