Colin Firth's sons use Oscar as a toy

September 6th, 2011

Colin Firth's children use his Oscar as a toy.

The 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' star won the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance as stuttering British monarch George VI in 'The King's Speech' earlier this year, but the accolade is lost on his sons Luca, ten and Mateo, eight, who just enjoy using it to play with.

He said: "For a while it migrated around the house because the kids were playing with it and showing it to people. And also, I just wanted to flash it about."

However, the 50-year-old star eventually became embarrassed about showing it off, and felt "a bit sad" because he didn't want to just bask in "past glory", and now leaves it in one place.

He added to the Radio Times: "I've decided that it's rather like Christmas decorations - you know, it's appropriate to leave them out for 12 days or something, bask in it, celebrate, but after a while it gets a bit sad.

"After all, how long can you gaze at something that is fast going to become a past glory. In the end, you have to pick your spot for it and then just look to new things."