Timothy Spall learned to paint for "Mr Turner"

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Colin Firth stars as King George VI in this award-winning flick from Tom Hooper. With the threat of World War II looming over Britain, George ("Bertie") must overcome a debilitating speech impediment to provide his country with the leadership it requires at the dawn of the communication age. With the help of Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), he's able to use radio to give his country the inspiration it needs. At the same time an unlikely friendship develops between the two men, who appear to be polar opposites in personality.
June 18th, 2014

Timothy Spall spent four years learning how to paint for his role in 'Mr Turner'.

The 57-year-old star was awarded the Best Actor gong at Cannes Film Festival for his portrayal of artist JMW Turner and he's revealed it took him years to prepare for the role, which required him to recreate his character's oil paintings.

Referring to one of his masterpieces, Spall said: ''It's actually on my wall at home now.''

The film examines the last 25 years of Turner's life, which he spent living with his mistress Sophia Booth, and Spall insists his character's relationship had nothing to do with love.

He told The Times newspaper: ''Turner was not the marrying kind. He liked women for comfort and sex.

''He was a most unusual man; the last person, if you met him in the street, that you could imagine becoming one of the greatest artists we have ever known.''

Spall - who is best known for his appearances in the 'Harry Potter' series and his portrayal of Winston Churchill in 'The King's Speech' - was amazed by the critical praise he received for his award-winning performance in 'Mr Turner'.

He confessed: ''I've never read anything like it. My reviews are normally, 'Pretty good actor, shame about the face'. It's only taken 38 years. It all comes to them that waits.''