Kirsten Dunst to reteam with Orlando Bloom on new film

October 31st, 2011

Kirsten Dunst is to re-team with Orlando Bloom in a new movie.

The pair - who played a couple finding love in 2005 movie 'Elizabethtown' will star together in 'Cities' as a young couple in London struggling to get together the money for a deposit on their first home.

The movie - described as a "cautionary tale about greed and ambition" - is set in three different locations with each city telling a different story, which eventually collide to show how the fortunes of others impact on other individuals across the globe.

In New York, a hedge fund manager played by Clive Owen has everything he could ever want - money, sex and power - but is constantly looking for more, while in Mumbai, a cop fights against corruption between property speculators and his devious colleague, who will be played by Anil Kapoor.

Roger Donaldson is directing the film from a script written by Glenn Wilhilde. Matthew Metcalfe and Chris Curting are producing.

Shooting is ready to commence, with 'Cities' scheduled for release next year.