Adam Sandler considers Summer School remake

April 3rd, 2012

Adam Sandler is in talks to produce a remake of 'Summer School'.

The 45-year-old actor and Jack Giaraputo's production banner Happy Madison has been negotiating with Paramount about the possibility of creating a reboot of the 1987 comedy film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The production company has been looking to re-do since 2005, but the motion picture has been stuck in development.

The original movie stars Kirstie Alley, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Mark Harmon as laid-back gym teacher Mr. Freddy Shoop, who is forced to ditch his big summer plans and teach an English class full of rebellious students.

Paramount is hoping Adam and Jack's influence on the project will see the reboot retain its comedic focus after 'The Smurfs' producer Jordan Kerner initially backed a version that was looking to make Freddy more serious and particularly argumentative with one badly behaved student.

But Adam will be hoping the movie does better than his last effort, 'Jack and Jill', which swept the boards at the 32nd Annual Razzie Awards - which celebrates the worst movies in Hollywood - winning every single prize at the Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony.

The film sees Adam star as both a male advertising executive and his obnoxious sister, and he picked up a string of accolades including Worst Actress, Worst Screenplay, Worst Ensemble and Worst Actor, which was split for his roles in 'Jack and Jill' and 'Just Go With It'.