Busy actor Michael Sheen

September 19th, 2010

Michael Sheen is too busy to have a social life.

The Welsh actor now spends most of his time in Los Angeles so he can be near his 11-year-old daughter Lily - his child with ex-girlfriend Kate Beckinsale - but admits he doesn't get out much because he is always so busy.

He explained: "Because it's where my daughter is I'm more in Los Angeles than in Britain now. My Los Angeles life outside of work though? I don't really have one. I'm developing my own stuff more and more. It's not like when I'm not filming, I'm not working. I'm always busy."

The 41-year-old star also admitted he sometimes worries about the roles he takes on and what his mother will think of them.

He said: "You can't be vain when you're playing someone like British comedian Kenneth Williams. Imagine it. You're on set on a cold Monday, naked in front of a mirror and simulating masturbation for the cameras, all the while knowing your mum's going to end up seeing it."

But Michael is very happy with his career and would hate to be a traditional leading man.

He explained: "I'm not a very good conventional leading man. The characters they take on tend to be quite blank. I'm much more interested in playing those that are jarring, odd or who don't fit in."

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