Dianna Agron prefers making movies to watching them

December 9th, 2010

Dianna Agron doesn't think watching a film is as fun as making one.

The 24-year-old actress - who plays Sarah Hart in forthcoming teen science-fiction film 'I Am Number Four' - loves working on movie projects because it has a slower pace than working on TV show 'Glee' and is looking forward to seeing the final edit because she can relive the memories she made on it.

She said: "When you're watching the film it'll never be as fun as it was making it, you know, because it was so personal to you. It's something to be proud of at the end, but just the experience is the best part of it.

"And then watching it, what brings that feeling back, is just knowing all the back-story to every single moment. Much more so than TV because TV is fast, so you're so focused and in the moment, that sometimes you don't really have that same feeling."

She was also excited to work with British star Alex Pettyfer on the project because of how "worldly" he is.

Dianna added to Collider.com: "He was great. I mean, I didn't meet him until the day before the table read. And I thought, 'Okay no judgments,' he's British, he's very attractive, he's the lead in this movie, let's see. And you realize quickly with him, he's very worldly.

"He's from Europe; he's been travelling and kind of exploring and taking in people from all different walks of life his whole life. And he was very passionate about this film."

'I Am Number Four' is released worldwide in early 2011.