Margherita Missoni to take over family business?

July 29th, 2010

Margherita Missoni is likely to take over the Italian fashion label from her mother when she retires.

Angela Missoni - who has helmed Missoni since 1996 - has revealed she would be happy for her daughter to take over the fashion house when she "feels ready".

She said: "I was on a bus yesterday and I thought for the first time there are so many things I want to do with my life and whenever Margherita feels ready I'd let her take over.

"Who knows what the future will bring? Maybe Theresa will run things or perhaps my nephew or my son. Margherita has this incredible passion for the business and for fashion though - she would be excellent."

Angela also believes the whole Missoni family stay modern thanks to knowing their roots but "never" leaning on them.

She told "My children help me keep things contemporary. I see through their eyes. Maybe we all just have a modern eye.

"We, as a family, never look back. We are grateful and attached to our roots but we never lean on them."

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