Dax Shepard: Kristen gives me confidence

August 23rd, 2012

Dax Shepard says fiancee Kristen Bell gives him a ''healthy perspective'' on his work.

The actor stars alongside his partner in new movie 'Hit & Run' - which he also wrote and directed - and admits Kristen calms him down when he starts to worry.

He said: ''Kristen has a very healthy perspective on things. I'll get way more worried about what the end product is going to be, or if I'm going to deliver, and she would constantly be like, 'You can't f**k this up. You're going to be with your friends, hanging out for six weeks straight. You're going to win, regardless. There is no bad outcome with this, as long as you're with all of us, having a good time.' And I was like,'Yes, you're right.' If I could just focus on that, it would definitely take the pressure off.''

Kristen believes her confidence is one of the reasons they work well together.

She told collider.com: ''I felt completely confident in his capabilities, but he also tends to, every so often, get a little fatalistic, and I am eternally optimistic. That's why we make a good pair. So, if I sensed it - which you can do with your significant other, if you're in tune with them - I would often overwhelm him with optimism and a better outlook and reassurance. But, for the most part, I just sat and watched him work and smiled with pride.''