Kristen Wiig finds Hangover compliments flattering

June 28th, 2011

Kristen Wiig says it's a compliment when 'Bridesmaids' is compared to 'The Hangover'.

The comedic actress - who wrote and stars in the ensemble comedy - admits there are some similarities between the two films but thinks people who watch 'Bridesmaids' will realise they are also extremely different, despite both being set in the run up to a wedding.

She explained to "A lot of people who have seen the movie don't see the comparison with 'The Hangover' so much. I totally get the comparison, it's an ensemble comedy, it takes place before a wedding so it's definitely a compliment to be compared.

"However, we didn't want to reference any other movie so we didn't watch anything similar when we were writing it."

Irish actor Chris O' Dowd plays Kristen's love interest in the movie and despite initially auditioning with an American accent, he was thrilled when director Judd Apatow asked him to use his own Irish brogue.

He said: "I went in and auditioned as an American cop so then we tried it in the Irish accent and it seemed like a nice fit and Kristen liked it and Judd liked it so we went with it."