Kristen Wiig thinks Bridesmaids appeals to both sexes

June 22nd, 2011

Kristen Wiig insists 'Bridesmaids' is a "unisex" movie.

The actress penned the forthcoming comedy - which follows a group of friends and how a wedding impacts on their relationship - with Annie Mumolo and she insists neither of them intended for the story to appeal only to women.

She said: "We did not write this movie specifically for a particular audience.

"There are some things that maybe men gravitate towards and maybe women go for other things but mostly I think it's unisex."

Kristen also credits producer Judd Apatow - famed for movies including 'Superbad' and 'Step Brothers' - for coming up with the ideas for some of the comedic scenes in the film, including one memorable moment which sees the friends vomiting in a bridal shop.

Kristen told the Scotsman website: "Without Judd, this film would not have happened. He had a lot of great ideas and, yes, the dress shop scene was something he came up with. And he was great about improvising - he just let us roll the camera and shoot. He would challenge us to outdo ourselves and he gave us a lot of trust.

"We did have reservations. But mostly because we couldn't picture it. We did question it at first, but what made it work was when Judd said, 'Make it your own version.' To me, what's really funny is not what happens in the bathroom - and you don't see that much - it's when everyone is feeling really sick and is starting to hold it in and starts sweating."