Weekend Recap: What Happened at the Box Office?

Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company
September 3rd, 2012

Weekend Recap: What Happened at the Box Office?

-- “The Possession” took first place in box office rankings this weekend, bringing in over $17 million in profits during Labor Day weekend. Clyde is happy to have his young daughter come to stay with him. When they stop by a yard sale, young Em purchases a mysterious box. Clyde notices that the box has some quirks, but it is not until his daughter exhibits unsettling behavior that he starts to worry. The atmospheric horror movie has a PG-13 rating for mature thematic material that involves disturbing sequences and violence.

“Lawless” made $9,674,000 in box office profits. Three brothers defy the odds to run a successful bootlegging business during the Great Depression. However, they have to fight to keep their business afloat. Young Jack knows he needs to step up and become an adult, but he might take things too far. “Lawless” has an R rating for mature content, language and bloody violence.

Continuing Films

“The Expendables 2” has total profits of more than $66 million, thanks to its weekend earnings of $8,800,000. When one of their own ends up getting the short end of a deal, an elite group of mercenaries decides to take justice into their own hands. As it turns out, they might inadvertently save the world at the same time. The film has an R rating for intense violence throughout.

“The Bourne Legacy” brought in over $7 million during the weekend of August 31st, bringing total profits to more than $96 million. A super-agent has dedicated his life to a secretive operation, but now he is about to face off against shadowy powers that view him as a threat. With the help of a scientist who is also under attack, the agent may have a chance at revenge. The PG-13 rating is due to violence and action sequences.

“ParaNorman” has earned more than $38 million during its three weeks in theaters. This weekend, the spooky film made $6,550,735. When lonely young Norman gets in touch with his estranged uncle, he hears about an ancient responsibility that falls on his shoulders. However, after he messes things up, damage control might be a little beyond Norman’s abilities. The family-friendly PG rating is due to rude humor, some language, scary images and action sequences and thematic elements.

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” made $6,055,000 during the past weekend. Profits now clock in at over $35 million. The sweet film tells the story of an eccentric young boy and the loving couple who decides to adopt him as their own. As their family grows and changes, so does the entire town, but Timothy Green has a few secrets. The film is rated PG for mild thematic elements and language.

“The Dark Knight Rises” continues to have a strong presence at theaters, making over $5 million during the weekend and bringing overall earnings to over $431 million. Batman decides to come out of seclusion to help defend his beloved city against one of its most intimidating threats yet: a masked terrorist who goes by the name of Bane. The PG-13 rating is due to sensuality, language and intense violence and action sequences.

Movies to DVD

“The Five-Year Engagement” is available to rent and own on DVD on Tuesday, September 4th. Tom and Violet are the perfect couple, and they cannot wait to stand at the altar together and make things official. However, life has other plans in store for them. By the time they are ready to wed, Tom and Violet will have faced some of the biggest and most hilarious challenges of their lives. The R rating is due to language and mature content.

“Piranha 3DD” is a campy horror movie about a prehistoric plague. When vicious piranhas take up residence at a water park, everyone is in for a very gruesome summer. It is up to a plucky marine biology student to save the day. The movie has an R rating for strong bloody violence and gore, mature content that includes graphic nudity, language and drug use.

“Safe” stars Jason Statham as Luke, a cage fighter who ends up ostracized and alone in the world. He has a chance to become a hero when he learns about Mei, a young girl whose intelligence is a target for dangerous gangsters. If he can protect Mei, Luke might redeem himself. The movie’s R rating is due to language and intense violence.

“High School” tells the story of a high school valedictorian who decides to cut loose for once in his life. Unfortunately, he chooses exactly the wrong time to try marijuana, and now has to figure out a way to hide his drug use from the school. The comedy has an R rating for crude and mature content, nudity, drug use and language, all involving teenagers.