New Releases this Weekend!

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment
January 9th, 2014
New Releases this Weekend!

"The Legend of Hercules" arrives in theaters on Friday, January 10. Renny Harlin directs the adventure film, which brings one of the world's most beloved heroes to life. In Ancient Greece, Hercules and Hebe fly in the face of tradition by falling in love. With his life torn apart by his loyalty to Hebe, Hercules learns about his origin story and true calling. The truth is beyond anything that he could have expected. The PG-13 rating is due to some sensuality and sequences of intense action combat and violence.

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"Lone Survivor" expands to theaters nationwide after a limited release. Peter Berg's tense war film recreates Operation Red Wings, a 2005 incident that placed the lives of SEAL Team members in grave danger. Hoping to apprehend a Taliban figure, a group of U.S. soldiers soon realize how many difficult decisions they will need to make, with every choice leading to potential disaster. "Lone Survivor" has an R rating for strong bloody war violence and pervasive language.



the-lone-survivor.jpgPhoto Credit: Universal Pictures

"Her" is Spike Jonze's unusual love story. Lonely and in need of companionship and guidance, Theodore turns to an unexpected source: his new operating system. The OS has advanced artificial intelligence, allowing her to evolve and form a relationship with Theodore. Their unconventional romance starts raising some big questions. Language, mature content, and brief graphic nudity contribute to an R rating.

her-movie_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Warner Bros.

"The Truth About Emanuel" arrives in select theaters on January 10. When Emanuel meets her new neighbor, Linda, she feels an instant draw to the enigmatic woman. After Emanuel offers to babysit for Linda, she uncovers some dark secrets about Linda's life. Since Emanuel has a troubled past of her own, she decides to protect her fragile neighbor. The film is not rated. Francesca Gregorini directs.

the-truth-about-emanuel.jpgPhoto Credit: Tribeca Film

"Cold Comes the Night" stars Bryan Cranston as Topo, a grizzled criminal trying to deal with his failing eyesight. In order to survive, he forces a young mother he meets during his travels to help him. As Topo and his reluctant accomplice grow to know one another, their conflicting agendas bring each other into jeopardy. "Cold Comes the Night" has an R rating for language and violence. Tze Chun directs.

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Continuing Films

In "Frozen," Anna sets out on an important quest. She's seeking the young woman behind the icy spell that has transformed the kingdom. The woman also happens to be Anna's estranged sister, Elsa. Anna hopes to rescue someone she holds dear and save the kingdom at the same time. The Disney film's PG rating is due to mild rude humor and some action. Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck direct.

"Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" continues the franchise of found footage horror. Jesse accidentally stumbles into a legacy of demonic possession. With strange marks on his skin and ominous occurrences haunting him, Jesse and his friends will have to investigate ways to release the teenager from the grips of evil. The horror movie has an R rating for pervasive language, violence, graphic nudity, and drug use. Christopher B. Landon directs.

"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" stars Martin Freeman as Bilbo, the hobbit who reluctantly joins up with a band of dwarves. The trek to take back the Lonely Mountain continues. The group will encounter elves, orcs, and other allies and enemies that complicate matters, but the biggest threat of all awaits them in the form of Smaug. Peter Jackson's fantasy has a PG-13 rating for sequences of intense fantasy violence and action, and for frightening images.

"The Wolf of Wall Street" draws inspiration from the true story of Jordan Belfort. When Belfort manages to work Wall Street to his advantage, he celebrates by throwing caution to the wind. Even as he senses disaster heading his way, Belfort continues to believe he can use sheer bravado to win against the odds. Martin Scorsese's film has an R rating for graphic nudity, mature content, drug use and language, and some violence.

"American Hustle" stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams as a pair of con artists. When they end up on the wrong side of the law, the two have to decide whether to stay loyal to each other or to work with an ambitious, hot-headed FBI agent who might endanger their lives. The R rating is due to mature content, some violence, and pervasive language. David O. Russell directs.

"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" follows Ron Burgundy as his career hits the rocks. With his huge ego now suffering bruises, Ron has a chance to reclaim his top spot in the reporting world. He'll need his trusty group of friends by his side, and Brick, Champ, and Brian will come to Ron's rescue. The comedy has a PG-13 rating for comic violence, drug use, language, and crude and mature content. Adam McKay directs.