The Top Five Male Actors of 2013

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures
November 26th, 2013

The Top Five Male Actors of 2013

The year 2013 has been tremendously successful for a whole host of male actors. Some have made comebacks, others have reinvented themselves, and a couple of new faces have sprung up onto the scene. The top male actors tend to play strong lead characters, but some have appeared in different states of vulnerability throughout the year. Listed below are the top six male actors of 2013 based on status and overall success at the box office.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Over recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio has only appeared on the big screen very sporadically. However, in 2013, DiCaprio returned to the big time by appearing as Jay Gatsby in the remake of "The Great Gatsby." The film received mixed reviews from critics, although many agreed that DiCaprio gave a stellar performance as the lead character. Some even went so far as to say that it was DiCaprio's greatest acting role of a long and successful career. The film did moderately well at the box office, bringing in close to $350 million worldwide. After a few years of relative calm, DiCaprio has firmly established himself as one of Hollywood's leading male actors once again. Also in 2013, DiCaprio is scheduled to star in the black comedy film "The Wolf of Wall Street," which is due to be released on Christmas Day. DiCaprio's role as a New York stockbroker seems like a perfect way for the actor to once again display his unique acting talent.

Bradley Cooper

Following his success in "Silver Linings Playbook" last year, Bradley Cooper has gone on to even greater things in 2013. His first film to be released this year was "The Place Beyond the Pines" in April. Cooper's performance was appreciated by film critics, although this did not translate to success at the box office. A couple of months later, Cooper reprised the role that he is perhaps most famous for: Phil Wenneck in "The Hangover Part III." The franchise, in which Cooper's character comprises one-third of a group of friends called the "Wolf Pack," was already established as a fan hit. Before the year is out, Cooper is due to star in two more films, "American Hustle" and "Serena." In both these films, Cooper will once again team up with his costar from "Silver Linings Playbook," Jennifer Lawrence.

Hugh Jackman

Although Hugh Jackman has been around the acting scene for quite a few years now, 2013 was a chance for the Australian actor to get out his claws and star in a film solely based around his character from the "X-Men" franchise, Wolverine. Set largely in Japan, "The Wolverine" was a huge hit with global film audiences. Jackman was widely praised for his performance. In order to prepare for the role, Jackman ate six meals a day for six months. The outcome was that he gained one pound per week, and consumed an average of six thousand calories each day. Jackman's dedication to the role could be seen in the way that he portrayed the character onscreen. Also in 2013, Jackman costarred in "Prisoners." The film was positively received by many, and some have even suggested that the film will make a splash during the film awards season in a few months.

Henry Cavill

British actor Henry Cavill, one of the breakout male acting stars of 2013, made a name for himself as Superman in "Man of Steel." Before he was cast as the iconic figure, Cavill had largely played bit parts in a number of films. Cavill followed a number of British actors who have portrayed American superhero characters, such as Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Christian Bale as Batman. "Man of Steel" was a resounding success worldwide, and Cavill was nominated for a couple of movie awards as a result. Warner Bros. was impressed with Cavill's performance and the reception of the film as a whole. The production company announced that a sequel would be hitting movie theaters sometime in 2015. What made this even more exciting for diehard fans is that Superman and Batman will be teaming up together for the first time on film. The film's title has not been announced yet, but Ben Affleck will play the role of Batman.

Robert Downey, Jr.

American actor Robert Downey, Jr., only appeared in one film during 2013, but it turned out to be the highest-grossing movie of the year. He played the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man for the fifth time in "Iron Man 3," which surpassed all expectations. Downey has had so much success in the role that two more films have been commissioned for his character to participate in. Over the past twelve months, Downey has been the highest-paid Hollywood actor according to Forbes magazine. What the next couple of years holds for the film industry is anyone's guess, but it is almost certain that Downey will figure prominently in many successful movies.