Liam Hemsworth to star in "The Raven"

April 4th, 2013

Liam Hemsworth is in talks to star in 'The Raven'.

The 'Hunger Games' star is reportedly close to signing a deal to play the lead in the sci-fi conspiracy thriller, which is being adapted from Ricardo De Montreuil's award-winning short film of the same name, Deadline reports.

The film - which De Montreuil will direct - features a young man named Chris Black who posses a power capable of bringing down the regime in charge of a futuristic, alternative America.

As a result, he is chased through the streets of Los Angeles by a police ship and autonomous robo-drones.

Mark Wahlberg, who was originally linked to the lead role, will produce the project and may also take on another part.

Michael Gilio and Justin Marks have written the script for the movie.

As yet, there is no confirmed date as to when shooting will begin.

Before he works on 'The Raven', Liam can next be seen in 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire', the second movie in the series.