Liam Neeson didn't think The Grey could finish

January 31st, 2012

Liam Neeson ''never'' thought 'The Grey' would get finished.

The 'A-Team' actor admits he was intrigued by the project - which tells the tale of a group of men who must struggle to escape the extreme environment in Alaska after their plane crashes - because he was unsure of how it would be shot, and did not think it could be completed after just one day of filming.

He said: ''The script read like an epic poem, and it was very tender and very, very beautiful and quite mystical. And was intrigued because I've made 55 films and I thought, 'How the hell is he going to shoot this thing?'

''The first week we were up in British Columbia, it was -40 degrees, and I really thought, after the first day, that we're never gonna finish this film. It was just intense. But we got through it and had a wonderful bunch of actors, and we became very close.''

He admits the film was so troublesome that even breathing was ''challenging''.

Liam added to ''Walking through snow - doing very very basic things: breathing, speaking in -40-degree temperature - that was the challenge. It wasn't necessarily the character. I knew I could perhaps do that reasonably comfortably. It was just the basic physical things of moving from A to B and saying dialogue. That was the challenge.''