Liam Neeson mystified by cameo

October 4th, 2012

Liam Neeson had no idea what his 'Dark Knight Rises' cameo was about.

The 'Taken' star made a brief appearance as R'as al Ghul opposite Christian Bale in the recent Batman movie and says director Christopher Nolan was so determined to keep the plot of the movie under wraps, he was given no guidance about the part.

He said: ''[Nolan] takes it to another extreme - I didn't know I was in the movie. I went and shot a scene for two hours with Christian Bale. There was a set, and Christian was tied up.

''I said, 'Chris, what am I doing?' 'Um... well, just walk forward, and say the lines, walk back, and that'll be it, really.' I said, 'What the f**k? Tell me the story!' 'Um... I'd prefer not to, really.' OK, don't mind me - I'm just an actor.''

However, Liam enjoyed making the Batman movies - particularly when he and his co-star Christian had to shoot a terrifying fight scene for 'Batman Begins'.

He recalled to ''I love the fight I have with Christian in 'Batman Begins', because we were actually on this glacier, this real glacier, in Iceland.

''We had these glacier wranglers, believe it or not. So when we went on fighting with a reduced crew, the glacier wranglers would say, 'OK, everybody off.' So we'd all stand to the side of this beautiful, big blue glacier, and this ice. You'd hear this sound of nature just moving as this thing moved, maybe a quarter of an inch. The ice kind of went 'Rrrrr!' And then it all stopped, and the guy would say, 'OK, you can go on again.' [I thought,] 'What are we doing here?' ''