Liam Neeson to star in Non-Stop

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A fantasy action film and sequel to 2010's Clash of the Titans starring Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Danny Huston, Bill Nighy, Toby Kebbell & Rosamund Pike. The plotline follows Perseus as he embarks on a treacherous quest into the underworld to rescue Zeus, who has been targeted for capture by his traitorous son Ares and his brother, Hades.
April 4th, 2012

Liam Neeson is set to star in action thriller 'Non-Stop'.

The 59-year-old actor is being lined up to star as a tired, stressed out air marshall whose international flight gets interrupted by a nasty threat.

Liam will reunite with 'Unknown' producer Joel Silver in the movie alongside Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman, with 'Cry Wolf' helmer Jeff Wadlow set to direct.

The film - which is yet to have a planned release date - is based on an original script penned by Chris Roach and John Richardson, Variety reports.

But it is not the first time Liam has experienced bad luck onboard a plane in a movie.

Earlier this year he starred in 'The Grey', which sees his alter-ego John Ottway's aircraft crash during a blizzard and end up in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.

John leads a group of survivors - who are played by Frank Grillo, Nonso Anozie and Dallas Roberts - as they aim to stay alive despite being hunted by a pack of angry, territorial wolves.

Liam's current project sees him play as Zeus in 'Wrath of the Titans', and he is starring in 'Battleship' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' later this year.