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When they first met, Lonnie (Joshua Leonard) and Clover (Jess Weixler) were both dreamers, but an unplanned baby has forced them to change the script. With his first love of music put on hold, Lonnie is forced to work a dead-end job while Clover, currently a law school student, considers taking an "opportunity" in the corporate world. Choosing to wallow in this bleak outlook, Lonnie decides he needs some time off work to reexamine his life. He calls in sick, but his abusive boss demands he show up or get fired. Panicked, Lonnie tells a shocking lie to justify his absence - and once it gets out, there's no going back. Based on a 2008 short story by T. Coraghessan Boyle, this 2011 drama film is directed by its main actor--Joshua Leonard--while also starring Alia Shawkat, James Ransone, Kelli Garner & Mark Webber.

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