Holiday Weekend! What's New at the Box Office?

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox
November 23rd, 2012

Holiday Weekend! What's New at the Box Office?

During Thanksgiving weekend, moviegoers can enjoy the latest offering from acclaimed director Ang Lee. Based on the novel by Yann Martel, “Life of Pi” is an evocative adventure film. After his freighter sinks, young Pi Patel winds up adrift on a life raft with no help in sight. His only fellow castaways include a Bengal tiger, an orangutan, and other zoo animals, all of them desperately battling to stay alive. “Life of Pi” has a PG rating for scary action sequences and emotional thematic content.

Direct Dan Bradley helms “Red Dawn,” a remake of the original 1984 war action film. The citizens of Spokane, Washington, are unprepared for a hostile takeover. When North Korean forces invade the town, only a few teenagers manage to escape and seek refuge in the forest. Although they have no formal military training, the young people decide to take back Spokane through sheer bravery and cunning. “Red Dawn” has a PG-13 rating for language and intense sequences of violence.

“Rise of the Guardians” is an imaginative animated movie from director Peter Ramsey. This instant holiday classic tells the story of Jack Frost, the wild and unruly spirit of wintertime. His free-wheeling lifestyle comes to an abrupt end when he learns that the Nightmare King is planning on taking over the world. When the legendary Guardians come to Jack for help, the young spirit has to grow up quickly. The movie has a PG rating for mildly scary action and thematic elements.

“Silver Linings Playbook” expands from its November 15 limited release, now appearing in theaters nationwide. David O. Russell’s comedic drama stars Oscar-nominated Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany, a young woman who forms an unexpected bond with a man who is down on his luck. She may be able to help her new friend, but since Tiffany’s own life is not so picture-perfect, she has some favors to ask in return. “Silver Linings Playbook” has an R rating for nudity, mature content, and language.

“Hitchcock” opens in select theaters on Friday, November 23. The biopic focuses on Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most iconic filmmakers of all time. Anthony Hopkins stars, with Helen Mirren taking on the role of the director’s wife, Alma. The movie follows Hitchcock’s professional journey and personal life as he films “Pyscho,” a 1960 thriller that would change the movie industry forever. “Hitchcock” has a PG-13 rating for mature content, violent images, and thematic material. Sacha Gervasi directs.

Continuing Films

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” sees Bella in a new role, this time as a mother. Irina causes trouble for Bella and Edward, drawing the attention of the dangerous Volturi. If Bella wants her daughter to remain safe, she will have to call on her most powerful allies, plus use her newfound skills as a vampire. The movie’s PG-13 rating is due to partial nudity, sensuality, violence, and disturbing images. Bill Condon directs.

In “Skyfall,” Javier Bardem becomes the latest Bond villain, while Daniel Craig returns to his role as 007. When M loses control of an important list, she has to make increasingly difficult decisions. Her longtime colleague, James Bond, must decide how far he is willing to go to offer his assistance and change the fate of M16. Sam Mendes helms the spy flick. “Skyfall” has a PG-13 rating for mature content, language, smoking, and violence.

“Lincoln” explores the last months of Abraham Lincoln’s life. In 1865, with the Civil War poised to end at any moment, Lincoln still has to fight a difficult and important battle. He wishes to change the constitution for the better of the country. Not everyone shares this dream, and some will go to violent lengths to change Lincoln’s mind. Steven Spielberg directs the biopic, which has a PG-13 rating for carnage, war violence, and language.

“Wreck-It Ralph” shows what happens at a video game arcade when it closes for the night. During the day, Ralph seems like a goofy villain. At night, he shows his vulnerable side. All Ralph wants is to become a hero and finally find love and admiration from his peers. When he sees a chance to be the good guy, Ralph makes some rash decisions. Rich Moore directs the animated movie. “Wreck-It Ralph” is rated PG for rude humor and mild violence.

Robert Zemeckis directs “Flight,” a taut psychological drama. When he narrowly escapes a harrowing plane crash and loses someone close to him in the process, Whip Whitaker has to confront the personal demons that led to the disaster. Even worse, the whole nation now wants to know about Whitaker’s vices, placing him at the center of a media frenzy that may alter his destiny. “Flight” has an R rating for substance abuse, language, nudity, mature content, and an intense action sequence.