Chris Hemsworth: 'I haven't seen Thor 2 script yet'

May 15th, 2012

Chris Hemsworth is ''nervous'' about 'Thor 2' because he has yet to see a script.

The Australian actor has confirmed he will soon be shooting the follow-up to the well-received Marvel movie 'Thor', but does not know what it is he will be doing in the film.

Speaking on the green carpet at the UK premiere of his new movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman' in London's Leicester Square last night (14.05.12), he told BANG Showbiz: '''Thor 2'? Yeah I start shooting in August. I haven't seen a script yet which makes me nervous but yeah! Alan Taylor is directing who has done 'Game of Thrones' so it should be good.''

Discussing his latest role as the huntsman in the adaptation of the classic 'Snow White' tale, Chris - who stars alongside Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart in the movie - admits he was ''drained'' by the extreme physicality of the role when they finished filming.

He said: ''It was great. Physically for all of us it was pretty draining. We were all outside in the middle of winter, it was wet and cold, but I couldn't ask for a better cast or crew. We travelled to a lot of obscure locations and everyone had a great attitude.''

Chris was joined on the carpet by Kristen, Charlize and other stars of the film including Ray Winstone, Lily Cole and Nick Frost.