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Love is All You Need? tells the story of Ashley, a young teen who is raised in the picture perfect all-American family with two moms, two grandpas, two uncles, and a little brother. But Ashley has a problem, she has a crush on a boy at school, which is against everything this world has ever taught her. This undeniable attraction to the opposite sex causes her to be the constant target of verbal and physical abuse until she is driven to a tragic end. This film hopes to shed light onto the highly controversial issue of human and equal rights in the LGBT Community, and also raise awareness to our current world as to the obstacles that this community faces.

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Kim Rocco Shields is one of Hollywood‭’‬s brightest young directors.‭ ‬She has had a great career so far doing dozens of films and working with top directors like‭ ‬J.J.‭ ‬Abrams...

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