Eva Mendes has acting lessons

June 3rd, 2011

Eva Mendes still takes acting classes.

The 37-year-old beauty believes there is always something new to learn about her craft and thinks it is important to seek regular guidance from experts.

She said: "I still go to acting class. I get very excited about it.

"I just finished a four-day intensive, where you work from 9am to 9pm in pairs and put on a play for this tiny group in Santa Monica.

"If it's in New York, we do it off-Broadway and you get critiqued.

"I've been taking classes for 12 years and Larry Moss, who held last week's class, had a great point. He says if you're a good painter or cellist, you don't stop practising.

"I feel like with my acting, it's only the tip of the iceberg."

Eva - whose parents are Cuban - also admitted she thinks it is harder for ethnic minority women to land big roles in Hollywood.

She told Stylist magazine: "I know it's boring, but it's just very difficult to be a woman in this business and even more difficult if you're an ethnic woman.

"I wouldn't be cast in a classic. I don't want to keep saying it and making this my thing, but we need more diversity.

"It's like my friend Lucy Liu, she's such a talented actress, but there are very few roles for Asian-American or black women."