Samuel L. Jackson lands Meeting Evil role

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When John Fleton (Luke Wilson), a depressed suburban family man and recently fired realtor, offers to help a stranger, Richie (Samuel L. Jackson), with his car, John is sucked into a surreal, nightmarish murder spree that forces him to question everything about his life, his mode of behavior and the very nature of evil. Based on Thomas Berger's novel of the same name.
December 31st, 2010

Samuel L. Jackson has signed up to star in 'Meeting Evil'.

The 62-year-old actor will star alongside Luke Wilson and Leslie Bibb in the adaptation of Thomas Berger's novel.

Wilson takes the leading role of a real estate agent who becomes depressed following the economic collapse in the US.

He ends up taking a joy ride with a stranger named Richie (Jackson), which leads them down a path of destruction and violence.

Chris Fisher is directing the project, which will begin shooting on January 8 in New Orleans.

According to Scene Magazine, the story will be "moody with elements of dark comedy" - a departure for Wilson who is well known for his roles in light comedies 'Legally Blonde' and 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed Jackson is unlikely to star in 'Thor' as Nick Fury as previously thought.

According to The Wrap, an insider who has seen an early cut of the film said he did not appear, but Jeremy Renner did as marksman Hawkeye.