Box Office Recap: What Happened over the Weekend?

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures Studios
June 2nd, 2014

"Maleficent" rose to the top of box office rankings, debuting with $70 million during the weekend of Friday, May 30. Angelina Jolie stars as Maleficent, an intimidating fairy. Still aching from a past betrayal, Maleficent places a dark shadow over the life of a newborn princess, cursing the girl to one day fall into a deep sleep. As time passes, the curse could have far-reaching consequences for everyone. The film's PG rating is due to sequences of fantasy action and violence that include frightening images. 

"A Million Ways to Die in the West" saw opening weekend earnings of $17,069,000. The Wild West is hardly an inviting place, with fatal dangers lurking in the most unexpected places. In this terrifying landscape, Albert is the odd man out, not even knowing how to fire a gun. It will take a strong woman to change Albert's approach to life. The irreverent comedy has an R rating for language throughout, violence, drug material and strong crude and mature content.

Continuing Films

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" continued to maintain a strong presence at the box office, bringing in $32,600,000 during the weekend. Total profits now reach more than $162 million. After Mystique assassinates a scientist with sinister plans for the execution of mutants, she inadvertently sets off a string of events that lead to a bleak future. Wolverine must travel back through time and convince Charles Xavier, Magneto and others to work together towards preventing this fate. The movie's PG-13 rating is due to nudity, suggestive content, language and intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence.

"Godzilla" earned $12,225,000 during the weekend, with overall box office proceeds equaling more than $174 million. Years ago, Ford lost his mother to mysterious phenomena. Ford's father believes that there is an explanation for what happened, but that explanation is so far-fetched that few people are willing to listen. Before long, though, enormous creatures will make their presences known, endangering all of humanity. "Godzilla" has a PG-13 rating for intense sequences of mayhem, destruction and creature violence.

"Blended" saw profits of $8,425,000 over the weekend. The comedy has earned more than $29 million overall. When two single parents decide to meet for a first date, sparks fail to fly. The two get into one awkward situation after another. But instead of moving on from the disastrous date, they spend time together in close quarters when their families visit the same resort. The PG-13 rating is due to language and crude and mature content.

"Neighbors" has seen profits of more than $128 million since its opening weekend. During the weekend of May 30, the comedy earned $7,700,000. After getting into trouble at his university, frat leader Teddy has to move his band of Delta Psi Beta members into a suburban neighborhood. He suspects there might be trouble with the couple next door, but he doesn't realize just how ruthless the new parents can be. "Neighbors" has an R rating for language, strong crude and mature content, drug use and graphic nudity.

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" made $3,775,000 over the weekend. Overall, the action film has earned more than $192 million. Peter Parker is becoming so successful as Spider-Man that he's gaining new fans by the day, but he'll soon have to learn just what kind of responsibility comes along with his powers. Reconnecting with an old friend gives Peter some ominous insights into Oscorp, potentially changing everything. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" has a PG-13 rating for sequences of sci-fi action and violence.

Movies to DVD

"RoboCop" arrives out on DVD on Tuesday, June 3. Alex Murphy is a dedicated cop and a loyal family man. After serious injuries leave Murphy on the brink of death, the powers that be make a crucial decision, transforming the police officer into a cyborg warrior. However, shreds of his humanity and his memories remain behind. "RoboCop" has a PG-13 rating for sensuality, drug material, brief strong language and intense action sequences that include frenetic gun play.

"Lone Survivor" draws inspiration from the true story of the tragic Operation Red Wings. Tasked with taking down a dangerous Taliban leader, a small, elite group of Navy SEALS instead encounter a situation that calls for a nearly impossible decision. The consequences of the decision could end in heartbreak and bloodshed. "Lone Survivor" has an R rating for pervasive language and strong bloody war violence.

"Son of God" follows the life of Jesus Christ as he calls together a band of loyal disciples to help him spread his powerful messages. Though he only wants to bring truth and redemption to the world, Jesus encounters influential enemies who wish him harm, leading to the ultimate sacrifice. The film's PG-13 rating is for sequences of violence and an intense, bloody depiction of The Crucifixion.