Amanda Seyfried gets Gone

February 10th, 2011

Amanda Seyfried has signed up to star in thriller 'Gone'.

The 'Mamma Mia!' actress - who will soon be seen in the lead role in a movie version of 'Red Riding Hood' - will play a women who returns home from work to find her sister has vanished, and is convinced it is the return of a serial killer who kidnapped her two years earlier.

When police fail to believe her story, she deals with the problem herself.

Tom Roseberg from the Lakeshore Entertainment Group praised the actress as "perfect" for the role.

In a statement he said: "Amanda has had a remarkable career in such a short time and she is the perfect actress to play the smart and fearless heroine in 'Gone'.

"She has proven to be an extraordinary talent and we're excited to be working with her."

Heitor Dhalia ('Adrift') is directing the project, which has been written by Allison Burnett ('Untraceable').

'Gone' is expected to start shooting in April.

Amanda, 25, currently has two movies for release this year; 'Red Riding Hood' and sci-fi thriller 'Now'.