Guillaume Canet's Little White Lies regret

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April 8th, 2011

Guillaume Canet regrets not casting himself in 'Little White Lies'.

The French actor-turned-director - whose actress girlfriend Marion Cotillard is expecting their first baby together - was considering putting himself in the comedy drama movie but became anxious about the amount of work he would have to do.

He said: "I really wanted to act in the film in the beginning.

"Then I realised it was going to be so much work to have all the crew and all the directors and I was quite anxious about this and so I decided not to. But I regret not doing so sometimes."

However he did find it easy to cast Marion because he considers her an "amazing" actress.

He said: "I have known Marion for 14 years and we shot two movies together as actors.

"As a director, I think she is amazing as an actress. Also she is part of this group too, as she knows all my friends and I have this relationship with her for a long time. So it was clear that she would be in this film."