Edward Norton backs Ruffalo as Hulk

April 15th, 2011

Edward Norton thinks Mark Ruffalo will be "awesome" as the Incredible Hulk.

The 'Fight Club' actor was sensationally dropped by Marvel Studios last year from the role of Bruce Banner and his superhero alter ego in the forthcoming comic book blockbuster 'The Avengers' and replaced with Mark but despite his public spat with the studio he has nothing but praise for Mark.

He said: "I would say that blew back on them much worse that it blew back on me. I couldn't have been happier with the experience that I had making the film but nor do I feel any kind of intensity about doing it again. A really good friend of mine's going to do it now and he's awesome. Marvel's going to have to deal with their own karma. They've got bigger problems than me."

Although Edward was disappointed with Marvel's actions calling them "low, unprofessional and very dishonest", he says he is happy with how his career has progressed and is extremely "blessed".

He said: "I couldn't ask for a more blessed production. The way that the work I've done has found its way into people's lives, it's everything that I got into the business to achieve so I just don't feel this relentless intensity about climbing higher anymore. I've got plenty of other things in my life to be getting on with."