Evans and Hemswoth's Avengers bonding

July 20th, 2011

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth looked out for each other on the set of 'The Avengers'.

The actors star as Captain America and Thor, the god of thunder respectively in the new Marvel superhero adaptation alongside veterans Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Ruffalo and Evans admitted the pair felt out of their depth at the beginning.

He explained: "[Chris] Hemsworth and I are kind of in the same boat, especially on this film. Everyone on 'The Avengers' is so accomplished and experienced. So Hemsworth and I are kind of in unchartered waters. But it's been great for us to have each other.

"So the first day I came on set - the thing that really did it for me was Thor. Seeing the suit was awesome. And Hemsworth - he is Thor! Have you seen him? He's the guy! He's huge. And his cape on and his wig - and it's like oh my god, this guy's the god of thunder!"

Chris also revealed Robert Downey Jr. was extremely encouraging and the pair often went to him for advice.

He told moviefanatic.com: "I can't say enough about Robert Downey Jr. He's been so great. He's so positive and so available and I just didn't know what to expect coming out of this movie. He's so experienced. He's so engaging and encouraging and every single take, you finish and he's like [thumbs up sign]. You skip back to your trailer - 'Downey gave you a pat on the back!' He's just amazing. I cannot say enough."