Classic Disney Movies Now Streaming on Netflix

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January 6th, 2014

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Netflix has revolutionized the way audiences watch movies and television shows, allowing people to pick and choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch it. Its ever-changing library currently features a number of films from the Disney catalog, including some of the most loved movies from the studio. Pick and choose from this list and watch a movie or two that film lovers of all ages will enjoy.





Released in 1941, this classic tells the tale of the titular hero, Dumbo, as he learns to take advantage of his flying abilities with the help of Timothy Q. Mouse. Born into the circus, the young elephant is taunted by the other younglings due to his oversized ears. When his mother, Jumbo, is locked up after attacking the elephants making fun of her son, Dumbo is given a role in the circus as the clown, much to his chagrin. Ultimately, the young Dumbo manages to rise above the taunts and the loss of his mother, wowing audiences with his ability to fly. This Disney film comes in at just over one hour, making it a fine choice for the young ones.


"Alice in Wonderland"

Based on Lewis Carroll's classic tale, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "Alice in Wonderland" is a colorful rendition of the children's story. Join Alice as she follows the White Rabbit down into the mystical Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems. The beautiful animation brings Carroll's trippy prose to life, with classic characters such as the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. The movie is filled with colorful imagery that takes advantage of the ideas found in the original story. Of all the versions of this tale, Disney's manages to take the ideas of Carroll's books and translate them into an accessible story that is sure to thrill children and adults alike.


"Mary Poppins"

P.L. Travers's battle with Walt Disney over her beloved "Mary Poppins" may have been immortalized in 2013's "Saving Mr. Banks," but it's the spirit of this 1964 film that will always remain with film lovers. Featuring Julie Andrews as the title character and Dick Van Dyke as Bert, the chimney sweep, this masterful film combines live-action, animation, and musical comedy to create a magical world. Andrews makes the role of Mary Poppins her own, combining sweetness with the stern foundation of the character to create something unique. The songs are top-notch, as is the acting, making this a film worthy of its reputation as an undisputed classic.



"The Sword in the Stone"

The legend of King Arthur has been told and retold for centuries, but this Disney version of the tale adds the studio's whimsical spin to this age-old story. Young Arthur is fun, but it's Merlin who steals the show with his bumbling spells and mystical tomfoolery. The underrated film offers a different type of spin on the Arthurian legend, making it accessible for kids, while offering plenty of humor for the older set.


"Robin Hood"

While not as universally applauded as some of its predecessors, Disney's "Robin Hood" is nonetheless an exciting spin on a classic story. Using animals as stand-ins for Robin Hood and his band of rebels, the film has a laid-back approach befitting of its 1970's origins. The songs have a folksy feeling that fit in with the music from that era, while the animation is appropriately sloppy. Part of this is due to the lower budget for the film, but the style works well with the tale, giving "Robin Hood" a rickety feel that is a fine way to introduce the story to young ones.


"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

When "The Nightmare Before Christmas" was released in 1993, it was something of the black sheep of the Disney family. Released under the studio's Touchstone banner, it was deemed too dark for kids. Time has changed that impression, and today, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is considered something of a classic, with Disneyland turning its Haunted Mansion attraction into a dream world straight out of the film. There's plenty here to enjoy for everyone, from the gorgeous stop-motion animation to the delightful songs by Danny Elfman. Created from a story by Tim Burton, the film takes viewers on a journey from Halloween Town to Christmas Town, with the protagonist, Jack Skellington, trying to learn the true meaning of the season through an ill-fated plan to kidnap Santa Claus. While the film may not be suitable for younger children, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" has enough fun and laughs for it to become an annual tradition in your family.