Matt Damon wants more Bourne

October 17th, 2011

Matt Damon wants to make another Bourne movie.

The actor turned down the chance to star as Jason Bourne in a fourth movie when director Paul Greengrass left the franchise, and despite the series being rebooted with Jeremy Renner in the lead role, he is still hopeful of returning to the character one day.

He said: "I was always fine with tem doing another 'Bourne' movie as long as it didn't preclude me and Paul from doing another 'Bourne.'

"From what I understand, it doesn't at all, so that's fine. I really want to do another one with Paul and I'm sure it'll happen some day, but for now they're doing this. I'm keeping hope."

Despite not appearing in the next Bourne film, Matt backs Jeremy in the lead role.

He added: "I'm a huge Jeremy Renner fan, I'm sure he'll be great."

Matt has previously admitted he wasn't old about the fourth movie when it was first planned.

He has said: "I read online they are doing another Jason Bourne movie with Tony Gilroy directing that I'm not in.

"No one told me, literally nobody called me. People think I have inside information, but you can get a sense of where I am in the pecking order."