Matthew McConaughey committed to "Dallas Buyers Club"

December 2nd, 2013

Matthew McConaughey was determined to get 'Dallas Buyers Club' made.

The actor refused to take no for an answer when financiers refused to fund Jean-Marc Vallee's new drama about AIDS activist Ron Woodroof because he believed in the strength of the story and the cast, which also includes Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner.

He told Deadline: ''It was something that I had on my desk that I was trying to do for a while, but it wasn't popular enough for anyone to come up with the money. So we were like, 'Let's find the right team.'

''Usually the message that gets to me is, it's not for them. Period piece, AIDS drama? That one line hurt. I'm sure there were many desks where that one-liner was all they read. But there was a lot of talent that had been attracted to this thing for a while.

''You know, the stars aligned, and we willed it through. We just had to get this to a price, get financing any way we could get it, which was under $5 million.''

McConaughey - who lost 47 pounds to play emaciated Woodroof - has actively tried to shy away from the romantic comedies which made his name in recent years, but wouldn't say no to the right script.

The 44-year-old star said: ''I'm getting much more of an array of stuff. It's not of one specific genre. That's what's really fun now. I'm getting to choose. People are going, 'OK, so you want to do dramas?' Yeah, I'm enjoying the dramas, but keep that comedy coming! That stuff's fun, man!''