Matthew McConaughey disgusted by Killer Joe

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Academy award-winning director William Friedkin helms this dark comedy drama/crime thriller, which is written by Tracy Letts and adapted from the Pulitzer Prize winner's play of the same name. The plot concerns a young man by the name of Chris (Emile Hirsch) who panics upon realizing the size of his debt with a drug lord. Without the means to pay and aware his life is in jeopardy, he decides the only solution is to murder his evil mother (played by Gina Gershon) to collect the insurance money. Chris recruits his dad, his mom's ex-husband, to help him with the plan, and together the two hire a hit man by the name of Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey). Interestingly enough, the tough-looking quiet guy is actually a Dallas cop moonlighting as a contract killer. Juno Temple also stars in the role of Dottie, Chris's sister, who unwittingly gets wrapped up in her dad and brother's heinous murder plot.
May 11th, 2012

Matthew McConaughey was ''disgusted'' when he first read the script for 'Killer Joe'.

The 42-year-old actor was initially reluctant to appear in the film - in which he plays the titular killer who befriends a young man who wants his mother murdered for her life insurance - until he read the story a second time and realised how funny it is.

He told Total Film magazine: ''When I first read the script, I was kind of disgusted. I just felt dirty. I didn't want to be around it.

''And then I talked to somebody whose opinion I trust and he said, 'Dude, it's hilarious! Read it again, man.'

''I went back and read it again with my funny bone alive and I found some of the humour among this character who's also deadly and a predator.''

Matthew was glad he agreed to star in the film because he had such a good time working with director William Friedkin.

He said: ''He usually does one take. Sometimes two. It was a ball. I don't wanna be up there thinking about what I'm gonna do, on the day, or right before the scene; I wanna have that work done before so I can just rip it.

''I don't want to leave the set. I don't even wanna have lunch a lot of the time. I don't wanna have the outside world interrupting me, getting in my eyeline, getting in my ear.''