Jodie Foster: 'The Beaver is odd'

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Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster star in this story about a depressed toy company CEO who wears a beaver handpuppet in an effort to communicate more effectively with his wife and two sons. Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin also play supporting roles.
April 15th, 2011

Jodie Foster's new movie 'The Beaver' needed re-shoots because it had an "odd tone".

The forthcoming movie - which tells the tale of a man (Mel Gibson) who comes to terms with his problems with the help of a hand puppet - had to have is "trajectory massaged" as those behind the film were concerned some would worry it was a comedy film when in fact it was more dramatic.

She said: "The film has an odd tone to it and the tone took a long time to get right because I think the script had more exaggerated comedy and more exaggerated drama in it as well. So, we had to work on that.

"There were re-shoots just to try and massage that trajectory, but it does have a weird tone because the concept is a guy with a puppet on his hand. and some will just assume that that's comedic. However, we were very careful with every choice to lean toward the dramatic theme."

Jodie - who directs and stars in the movie - also accepts the movie is not something for "everybody", hence a limited release in the US.

She added to the Boston Examiner : "I know it's a very specialised subject matter. It's treated in a very special way and not for everyone, and that's why it's a specialized ( limited ) release. So, that's always a little scary because some people just don't like the movie. They're like, 'Why isn't it a comedy?'

"I understand that, but there's other movies out there that fulfil that function, just not this one."