Jodie Foster praises Gibson's on-set ease

May 10th, 2011

Jodie Foster liked worked with Mel Gibson on 'The Beaver' because he was "totally not neurotic".

The actress - who directed Mel in the movie about a father who suffers a breakdown and deals with his issues through a beaver hand puppet - enjoyed the process of working with Mel as he doesn't over-analyse and did everything she wanted him to do.

She said: "Mel's incredibly easy, totally not neurotic. He'll just say, 'Where do you want me to stand?' And I'll say, 'I want you to go from here to here.' And he does it.

"He doesn't say, 'My character this or that.' He's really focused on the things are important and not focused on the things that aren't. He's great with the other actors, he's very specific. And it's great to have a partner like that!"

Jodie, who also stars in the movie, helped him prepare for the role by discussing what she wanted but once the cameras started rolling she left him to do as he wished.

She added to Screen Crave: "The way that Mel prepares for a part is to talk to people, to talk to me about the feelings in his life and he's looking for the voice; and then he doesn't talk anymore he just stops.

"Then you say role or you say action and stuff happens. Because I'm an actor/director I really have no ego about that, I have nothing to do with his performance."