Jodie Foster's parental approach to directing

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Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster star in this story about a depressed toy company CEO who wears a beaver handpuppet in an effort to communicate more effectively with his wife and two sons. Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin also play supporting roles.
April 29th, 2011

Jodie Foster wants to be a "good parent" to her actors.

The 48-year-old star - who started acting when she was just three years old - has branched out into directing films and hopes she is a reassuring and encouraging presence on set.

She told Psychologies magazine: "I want to be a good parent who loves them unconditionally, even when they come up with bad ideas and even when they suck.

"There is a way of loving their foolish attempts and guiding them in what you think is the right direction.

"And I do think I have a particular sensitivity towards child actors because of my own experiences. As a child I certainly looked for a parent figure in my directors."

In her latest venture, 'The Beaver', Jodie directed and stars in the film as the wife of Mel Gibson's character, a man on the edge of madness who will only communicate with his family via a puppet.

Jodie initially didn't plan to appear in the film, until she realised she had all the qualities she was looking for her in leading actress.

She explained: "I had no intention of acting in this movie but I started thinking, 'Who can I put across from Mel, saying she's going to stand by her man and fight for him - and yet go through this juncture when she realises she's put her children in jeopardy, watching their father lose his mind?' I was sitting and thinking about what actor is going to do that from a place of strength that doesn't feel fake and then I realised it was me."