Tommy Lee Jones to star in Malavita

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The MIB duo of Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back in action ten years after MIB 2. When the world is threatened by an evil alien, Jay travels back in time to 1969, where he teams up with the younger Agent Kay to stop an evil villain named Boris (Jemaine Clement) from destroying the world in the future. Also starring Josh Brolin & Emma Thompson.

June 29th, 2012

Tommy Lee Jones is in final negotiations for 'Malavita'.

The 'Men In Black 3' star will portray an FBI agent alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro as a mafia couple who relocate to France under the witness protection programme, in the Luc Besson directed film, based on Tonino Benacquista's book 'Badfellas'.

Tommy's character will be responsible for making sure the pair and their family stay on the straight and narrow although things don't quite go to plan.

The family do their best to fit in, but find it hard to hide their past and before long slip back into their old ways.

Luc has adapted the script and will also produce the movie, which starts production in France in August.

It's a busy year for Tommy who has recently starred in blockbusters 'Captain America' and 'Men In Black 3'.

He will next appear opposite Meryl Streep in 'Hope Springs' and also has roles lined up in Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' and Peter Webber's Japan-set drama 'Emperor'.

Meanwhile he is set to write, direct produce the indie movie 'The Homesman'.