Sophia Myles joins "Transformers 4"

May 7th, 2013

Sophia Myles has joined the cast of 'Transformers 4'.

The British actress has been chosen by director Michael Bay for a major supporting in his upcoming Paramount action film, reports.

This role comes as a big break for the 33-year-old actress, who is tipped to play a scientist in the movie, after having previously starred in numerous TV shows including British drama 'Spooks'.

Myles will join the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz as his daughter, Jack Reynor as Peltz's on-screen boyfriend and Stanley Tucci in the futuristic feature, with 'Frasier' star Kelsey Grammer recently signing on as a human villain Harold Attinger.

Producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura, casting director Denise Chamian and the former head of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Sid Ganis, are to chose four more actors for the film through a Chinese reality TV show, selecting two amateurs and two professionals to join the project.

Reynor recently described the film as a ''step away'' from the first three installments and Bay explained his reason for hiring a new cast was to give the feature a fresh and original feel.

Bay said: ''It's a totally different story. It's with Mark Wahlberg and his daughter. It's the same world. You have the three movies, but there's a reason why there's a new cast. And it's explained very clearly when you see it, and it's going to feel natural. So it's not like we're starting over or anything like that.''