What Is It with "Transformers 4" Leaks?

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures
December 27th, 2012

What Is It with "Transformers 4" Leaks?

-- Michael Bay, who directed "Transformers," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," is set to direct the fourth installment of the film series as well. This is despite Bay's confirmation that the third installment was to be his last in the series. Distributed by Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures, and DreamWorks, the movie series has been very successful at the box office. Perhaps this explains why the filmmakers are reluctant to draw the curtain on further productions.

According to Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures, the fourth installment of the series is set to be released in June 27, 2014. Ehren Kruger has been given the scriptwriting role, and the story will be set four years after the events depicted in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." One of the most surprising decisions the producers
have made is to give the lead role to Mark Wahlberg instead of Shia LaBeouf, who starred in the first three installments.

Wahlberg, a former rapper, is an accomplished producer and actor. He has appeared in many successful films, including "The Italian Job," "The Fighter," and "Max Payne," among others. Despite this colorful past, the actor has been reported as saying that his role in "Transformers 4" could be the most important in his life. Wahlberg and Bay have already worked together in the action/comedy film "Pain and Gain," which is currently in postproduction. In fact, Wahlberg claims Bay approached him for the "Transformers 4" just after he finished working on "Pain and Gain."

Although little is known yet about "Transformers 4," (One thing that is known is that Wahlberg will be portraying the father of a student whose boyfriend is a racecar driver) it has been suggested that a number of new robots will be introduced in the movie. Some sources have it that one of these new entrants is Unicron, the planet devourer. Unleash The Fanboy claimed that they had gotten a leaked script of the movie and that the main villain was Unicron. The website later debunked the leak.
The furor started a few weeks into December 2012, when a rumor spread that a script for "Transformers 4" had been leaked. Word on the street was that the leak went so far as to list classic robot characters that would be featured in the movie, such as Vector Prime, Circuit Breaker, the Dinobots, and several others. The rumor was quickly discredited by Bay and Kruger, who explained that their script has only reached seventy pages, so such a large-scale leak was not feasible. The director refuted the claims on his own website.

Surprisingly, it took only a few hours for the filmmaker to come up with a different explanation. This time, he blamed it on Hasbro. He speculated that Hasbro was not doing a comic book of the movie because the story was still under wraps, and that the leaked story was likely to be Hasbro's own version of "Transformers 4."

Considering the huge number of additional characters mentioned in the leak, it seems likely that the story was meant for a comic book or even an animated movie.
Is "Transformers 4" a reboot or not? Early in the year, Bonaventura described the fourth installment of the film series as a reboot of the franchise. Later in the year, Bay said that he is not aiming to start the franchise over from the beginning, but rather to try something different. He maintained that all the events of the previous three films will have bearing on the fourth. One of the concerns the director has with "Transformers 4" is that he doesn't want it to become too sci-fi. Bay let on that "Transformers 4" may include some action in space if it can be done without rendering the film inaccessible.

After the third movie, Bay vowed not to return for a fourth installment, but he has been confirmed as the director of "Transformers 4." Now, he has been quoted as saying that this will be his absolute last movie in the series. Explaining his actions, Bay said that it is not easy to find somebody who has enough experience with these kinds of films. He added that he intended to ensure that after "Transformers 4," he leaves the franchise in the hands of a suitable successor. Only time will tell whether he will remain true to his words this time or come back for another installment.