Clemence Poesy's Michael Caine love

March 26th, 2012

Clemence Poesy ''loved'' getting to know Sir Michael Caine on the set of 'Mr Morgan's Last Love'.

The French-born actress plays a leading role in the film about the age-gap meeting of two lonely hearts in Paris, and she admits spending time with the legendary British actor was enjoyable for her.

She said: ''It's not a real love story but there's a lot of love in it. It was lovely to get to know him. He's incredible simple and he's got a very playful approach to the whole thing still.''

Clemence now spends a lot of time in London, and she admits she was surprised to find that when she learnt Shakespeare in English it was different from the French versions she knew.

She said: ''You do Shakespeare at drama school but you do it in French. It's interesting to see, when you study theatre in France, the different translations of Shakespeare - because obviously in England you just work on one material.''