Plan B wants sympathy for ill Manors

June 6th, 2012

Plan B hopes people sympathise with 'iLL Manors'.

The rapper and actor's directorial debut follows the lives of downtrodden characters including a prostitute, a drug dealer and other disaffected members of British society, and he hopes it will stir viewers' emotions and make them want to react by making a positive change in society.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''Films are there for us to feel emotion any human being no matter what class you are, what colour you are can watch this film and hopefully feel something about the issues brought up. And want to change them.

''This film is for human beings. Anyone who feels anything, who cares, who feels any kind of emotion, that's what films are supposed to be.''

Plan B - real name Ben Drew - added his favourite films aren't necessarily hard hitting, but they all have a certain quality that strikes a chord with him.

He added: ''My favourite film is an Italian film called 'Life Is Beautiful' it's about World War II.

''Another film I like is 'Educating Rita', which has got Michael Caine in it. I don't think any film is necessarily for one type of person. There's a film called 'Incendies' a French-Lebanese film that I saw the other day, which made me cry.''

'iLL Manors' is in cinemas from today (06.06.12).