Michael Cera inspired by Homer

August 2nd, 2010

Michael Cera based his portrayal of Scott Pilgrim on Homer Simpson.

The actor portrays the titular character in forthcoming movie 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' and looked to the slow-witted doughnut-loving animated character for inspiration on playing an "idiot".

He explained: "Homer Simpson was a big inspiration for this, because he could just say really stupid things and it's so cartoony, the movie, that it works. It doesn't seem out of place. So you could just really be an idiot.

"He just doesn't think of other people, but he's kind of a doofus, you know."

Although his big screen alter ego is not strong or tough, Michael still had to undergo extensive preparation for his role in the film to meet the physical necessities it demanded.

He added to Hollywood News: "You have to do a lot to prepare just to build up stamina, because it's so exhausting. You do a take with this high exertion and then you're sitting around and then you have to go again and it wears you out, so we had to just run every morning for a few months so that we could not pass out doing that stuff."