Michael Fassbender hates watching naked scenes

November 25th, 2011

Michael Fassbender is "reluctant" to watch himself naked.

The handsome actor strips off in new film 'Shame' and while he was happy to do it because the role required it, he admits it's hard to watch the scenes back.

He said: "I knew that when we were going there that it was pretty much keeping it as close to me as possible, and trying to be as honest as possible. I didn't want to distance my character Brandon from me and use that as a cop out. I wanted to have him as an everyday guy that you'd meet and know on the street. The thing is. the nudity was awkward. I've only seen it once in Venice and I've been reluctant to watch it since. Watching it brought it home. I knew everything I did but seeing it pieced together in front of me."

Michael also doesn't want his parents to see the nude scenes but knows they were important for the film.

He told Total Film: "My mum hasn't seen it and she was going to be in Venice at one point. My dad was going to see it but luckily that didn't pan out. But, you know, I trust the director, Steve, implicitly and I knew it was an important story to tell, so that gets rid of all the worries that you have about the nudity. You just need to serve the story as best as possible and really commit, because there's nothing worse than if you're going into it with trepidation or doubt."