Michael Fassbender 'only' star for Shame director

December 9th, 2011

Michael Fassbender is the "only" actor Steve McQueen would have asked to be in 'Shame'.

The Irish actor portrays the role of a sex addict in the movie and director Steve - who has worked with Michael on 2008 film 'Hungover' previously - does not believe any one else would have been up to the task.

He said: "He's the only person I could have asked. We worked on 'Hunger' back in 2008, and we have a relationship. I'm happy with him. I don't believe a lot of actors. I just don't believe them. Michael's an actor, and I believe him."

Steve believes the character - named Brandon - is an anti-hero, despite him trying to overcome his problems.

He added to AskMen.com: "You realise this guy has to have sex every day. He's like an [alcoholic saying], 'I want a six pack [of beer]. So why don't I?' We don't have self-will. We just do not have self-will. If we did, the world would be a fantastic place, but we're always f**king up, and we try to fix it and then it's broken. Brandon is an anti-hero, and he's trying too. I very much appreciate people having an affinity with that sexual addiction or with Brandon, that they understand him. That's important."