Michael Fassbender to star in Irish Myths

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A look at the intense relationship between psychiatrist Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and his mentor Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and the troubled but young beautiful woman who comes between them. Also starring Keira Knightley & Vincent Cassel.
February 20th, 2012

Michael Fassbender is in line to star as a Celtic warrior in 'Irish Myths'.

The 'A Dangerous Method' actor looks set to play the lead role of Cuchulain, a central figure of the Irish mythology branch Ulster Myth Cycle, in the movie which 'Public Enemies' screenwriter Ronan Bennett has been working on since last year.

Michael and Ronan's production company Finn McCool Films will produce the movie, which will be based on Irish myth stories, but there is no director confirmed for the motion picture as yet, ScreenDaily.com reports.

The 34-year-old actor's latest work has seen him portray a New York office worker with an uncontrollable libido in sex addiction movie 'Shame', which he found to be ''pretty disturbing'' and he felt uncomfortable being nude for most of the film.

He recently explained: ''I had to lose weight for 'Hunger', but I had a timetable to stick to. But 'Shame' was pretty disturbing; the idea of what my character is about, the relationships, intimacy and how that's a difficult thing for some people.

''I don't feel comfortable parading around naked in what is essentially, at the beginning, a room full of strangers, but it had to be done. Besides, my imagination was much more devious than what was in the script.''