Henry Cavill's Great Wall?

February 10th, 2012

Henry Cavill is in negotiations to star in 'The Great Wall'.

The British actor - who is set to be the next Superman in movie 'Man of Steel' - has entered talks to play the as-yet-unknown leading role in the movie, co-written by 'Love & Other Drugs' director Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz.

Little is known about the project other than it will tell the tale of the construction of the huge wall which was built to separate China from its neighbours to the north.

It began being made in the 5th century BC but has been demolished and re-created a number of times since.

Thomas Tull and Max Brooks came up with the idea for the film, which is being housed by Legendary East.

Henry has a number of films planned for release, including the aforementioned 'Man of Steel', in which he stars alongside Amy Adams and Michael Shannon, and 'The Cold Light of Day', which will be released in April.