Michelle Rodriguez - 'Battle: Los Angeles role created last minute'

March 17th, 2011

Michelle Rodriguez's 'Battle: Los Angeles' character was "introduced last minute".

The 'Avatar' actress - who plays soldier Elena Santos in the alien-invasion drama movie - confesses her role was written in the final stages of production and she had "lot of research" to undertake in just a month.

She said: "She was pretty much introduced last minute. She came on board pretty much a month before shooting.

"So we had a lot of research to handle, actually during production and pre-production of the film. We had about a month before actually shooting, but we were training that whole time and doing rehearsals."

Despite the issues raised in the film - which sees aliens invade the world's major cities searching for natural resources - Michelle is keen to see extraterrestrials pay earth a visit as it could unite everyone.

She told Movie Hole: "I wish they would come, maybe people would be nicer to each other if they had something else to attack. You know what I mean? We would just like make it a one race situation."