Michelle Rodriguez loves 'geek fanbase'

March 11th, 2011

Michelle Rodriguez was keen to stay true to her "geek fanbase" with new movie 'Battle: Los Angeles'.

The 'Avatar' actress - who plays Sergeant Elana Santos in the upcoming action sci-fi - admitted she was initially concerned the film to be too "cheesy", but as soon as director Jonathan Liebesman explained his ideas she was immediately on board.

She said: "My geek fanbase is growing so I have to stay true to that and not fall for the cheesy aspect of stuff. When I met with Jonathan for the first time that was the main thing, I was like, 'What are these aliens going to look like and how are you introducing them?'

"Once he showed me all of that and the basic short he did with Aaron Eckhart that actually got the financing for the film, I started to open up to it because I realised it was more of a documentary and a microcosm.

"You're focusing on the relationships between this little group of people and it's shot documentary-style. It made my veer away from the idea that we would be blowing everything up."

The 32-year-old star also explained she gave "150 per cent" when it came to training for the intense movie, but it was worthwhile when they began shooting in "scorching heat".

Michelle added to Collider.com: "I give myself 150 per cent when it comes to preparation. I have no discipline in my real life so when I have an opportunity to learn discipline I just jump into it wholeheartedly.

"I did all the push ups and the sits and the run two miles everyday and got up every day at 5am and take guns apart. All that training came in handy when we were in scorching heat in 30 pounds worth of gear."