Michelle Williams almost moved director to tears

November 5th, 2011

Director Simon Curtis almost cried when he saw Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.

The filmmaker was overwhelmed when he saw how well the actress could convincingly portray the late star in his new movie 'My Week With Marilyn' after she had her first costume fittings.

Costume designer Jill Taylor said: "We had long fittings with Michelle. When she stepped out as Marilyn for the first time, in proper hair and make-up, director Simon got very emotional. Almost teary.

"He'd been working on this film for seven years, so it was a big moment to see it finally coming to life."

Jill was astonished by how easily Michelle took to playing such an iconic figure and was delighted by her enthusiasm for the role.

She said: "My admiration for Michelle knows no bounds. I'd have found it so nerve-wracking taking on such a revered character.

"We'd discuss in details costumes for each scene. I'd show her all my references and she came with her references too. She was heavily involved."

Because budgets on the movie were tight, many of the costumes for co-star Dominic Cooper - who plays Milton Green in the film - had to be rented.

Jill explained to Glamour magazine: "Dominic delayed his trip to New York by a day so he could come for a night fitting. He's a flirty, gorgeous boy.

"If you buy vintage, you can't return it so we rented his suits from costume shops."